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San Mateo Mother's Club: Community of Mothers

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The San Mateo Mothers Club (SMMC) is a community of moms with kids from birth to kindergarten age (or currently expecting) in San Mateo and surrounding areas.  We are a group of women who offer friendship, support, and advice.
We offer activities such as Children's Outings, Adult Socials, General Meetings, In-a-Pinch services, Playgroups, and more.

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Speaker and Social Series

(formerly General Meetings) 

With feedback received from members, via YouNight and phone calls Board members made, we will be alternating between socials and speakers monthly.  Speakers will provide “parenting 101” information alongside food, beverage and time to socialize and connect with other moms.  Socials/speakers are usually on the 2nd Tuesday or Thursday from 7-9 pm at the Beresford Park Garden Center.  We plan a preschool fair in November in lieu of the general meeting, and there is no meeting in December.  Topics pertain to family life, young children, and the needs of women and mothers.  For more information, please email ​meetings@sanmateomothersclub.org.

July Speaker and Social Series: How Our Brains Function Under Stress

We are all aware that stress is a normal part of our daily life. However there are days when stress tends to take over and increases throughout our day no matter how hard we try to gain control. Getting a better understanding of how stress impacts our brains, our relationships and our children can help us learn ways to support our wellness and feel more in control again. In this workshop we will learn about the importance of stress, how our thoughts and feelings change during these moments and how we can better understand ways to support our brain in order to build resilience in ourselves and in our children. We will also discuss techniques to teach your children awareness of their own stress in order to help them learn the skills to better manage their emotions. 

Cindy Donis is Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist working in San Mateo County. She specializes in infant and early childhood mental health, and provides psychotherapy to mothers with prenatal and postpartum depression or anxiety. She has extensive training in attachment and childhood trauma. Cindy is also a Certified Infant Massage Teacher. Through her work with mothers and young children, she helps parents to support their child's emotional and physical development while strengthening the child-parent relationship.

The Speaker & Social Series events are always relaxed, free, and open to the public. It’s a great way to get out of the house for adult time to learn and interact with other moms (and dads too!) And it’s a good way to introduce other moms to SMMC!

Event Details 
What: How Our Brains Function Under Stress
When: Tuesday, July 12, 7 - 9 pm
Who: San Mateo Mothers Club
Where: Rose Room, Beresford Garden Center, 605 Parkside Way, San Mateo

*If you have ideas for speakers or are interested in a certain topic, contact ​meetings@sanmateomothersclub.org.

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