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San Mateo Mother's Club: Community of Mothers

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Current Members

The San Mateo Mothers Club (SMMC) is a community of moms with kids from birth to kindergarten age (or currently expecting) in San Mateo and surrounding areas.  We are a group of women who offer friendship, support, and advice.
We offer activities such as Children's Outings, Adult Socials, General Meetings, In-a-Pinch services, Playgroups, and more.

Speaker and Social Series

(formerly General Meetings) 

With feedback received from members, via YouNight and phone calls Board members made, we will be alternating between socials and speakers monthly.  Speakers will provide “parenting 101” information alongside food, beverage and time to socialize and connect with other moms.  Socials/speakers are usually on the 2nd Tuesday or Thursday from 7-9 pm at the Beresford Park Garden Center.  We plan a preschool fair in November in lieu of the general meeting, and there is no meeting in December.  Topics pertain to family life, young children, and the needs of women and mothers.  For more information, please email ​meetings@sanmateomothersclub.org.

October Speaker & Social Series: Self-Care and Parenthood

Dr. Stephanie J. Wong, PhD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist who works in private practice at 327 N. San Mateo Dr. #7, San Mateo, CA 94401.  She also works at the most prestigious Veterans hospital in the nation.  Her specialty is in the treatment of Addictions/Substance Use, and relationship and career issues. Her mantra is: The relationship is the most important currency in our lives.  With this in mind, she also work with individuals who are experiencing life transitions, including becoming new parents, pregnancy, post-partum, self-care, etc. Dr. Wong received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from George Mason University, a student in a class of seven, learning and collaborating with six other brilliant women. In the present, six out of seven of the class are mothers; she is a mother of two beautiful children.

Her upcoming talk on October 11, 2016 will discuss self-care in the context of parenthood.  Oftentimes, mothers are balancing multiple responsibilities and "hats."  Self-care tends to be the lowest priority on our 'to-do lists.'  However, without taking care of ourselves, how do we take care of others and our multiple responsibilities?  Barriers to self-care and strategies to improve our ability to care for ourselves, and demonstrate self-compassion will be explored.  This will be an interactive presentation and Dr. Wong will apply her mental health expertise to coping with parenthood (a positive stress)!  She welcomes mothers in all phases of parenthood (pregnancy, new parents, etc.).

All Speaker & Social Series are free and open to the public! Babes in arms welcome.​  It’s a great way to get out of the house for adult time to learn and interact with other moms (and dads too!) And it’s a good way to introduce other moms to SMMC!

Event Details 

Who: Dr: Stephanie Wong, PhD
When: Tuesday, October 11th, 7-9pm
Where: Rose Room, Beresford Garden Center, 605 Parkside Way, San Mateo

*If you have ideas for speakers or are interested in a certain topic, contact ​meetings@sanmateomothersclub.org.

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